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Liquid Fish Oceanic Hydrolysate 2-1-0.3

Liquid Fish Oceanic Hydrolysate 2-1-0.3


Liquid Oceanic Hydrolysate 2-1-0.3 is an all purpose fertilizer for vegetable gardens, house plants, lawns, trees and shrubs.  Seafood for the soil!  Premium blend of fish, crab and shrimp hydrolysates from the Pacific Northwest.  It is cold processed with no oils removed which allows for soil lock and foliar sticking.  Excellent product for promoting beneficial microbial activity.  Screened to 2000 mesh for easy spray application.  Stabilized pH  3.5 will keep for one year in cool storage.   Concentrated 1 gallon liquid by Organic Pacific-Gro Standard.  OMRI Listed, cdfa registered, and registered by Washington State Dept. of Agriculture.  Highest Standards!  Dilution rate: 30:1 (1/2 cup per gallon of water)
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