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Azomite Micronized Minerals

Azomite Micronized Minerals


Micronized Azomite an ultra fine powder that is loaded with Minerals and Trace Elements. Micronized Azomite is screened through a 200-mesh for very fine powder that will provide a quick release of nutrients.  Micronized Azomite can be used as a foliar spray or as a liquid fertilizer.  

Azomite contains over 70 trace minerals, Naturally mined in Utah and not chemically prepared.  Does not burn plants or restrict water penetration or aeration.  Perfect for organic gardeners, farmers, orchardist. 

Application rate: 2 lb/10 sq ft. Use as an annual top dressing on fruit trees, at 5 lb/tree, or 15 lb on blight-stricken trees (bi-annually). Very Fine dust can be used for dilution.   44 lb bags.  Azomite is OMRI Listed

Micronized Azomite is a favorite of ours to use as a spray for our organic apple trees.  Spray two applications during summer months.   Noted: Pest were fewer and drop was lessened on trees sprayed with micron azomite.

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