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Ultimate Plant Clips

Ultimate Plant Clips
  • Ultimate Plant Clips
  • Ultimate Plant Clips


Ultimate Plants Clips are easy to use and gentle on your plants. 

The durable, 100% recyclable plastic clip secures plant stems up to 1/2" in diameter and it can be used over and over again. Its bright green color and plant shaped ends allow it to blend easily in with ALL your plants.

Finally, this clip is tough but it’s no vice-grip. It’s built with a PATENTED tolerance design so it won’t choke off your stems as they grow. Like a green rubber band – the Ultimate Plant Clip has slack and expands to keep your plants secure and GROWING.  20 reusable clips.

3 Reasons to Use the Ultimate Plant Clip

  • Works with you hand’s natural motion to make securing your plants FAST and EASY
  • It’s Quality. Durable and Flexible design keeps your plants secured for YEARS
  • It Won’t Kill Your Plant’s by Choking their Stems – the Clip has enough give to let them grow
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