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All Seasons Bokashi

All Seasons Bokashi


Use All Seasons organic Bokashi for giving your indoor or outdoor composting a boost while eliminating order.  Bokashi is a Japanese word that means "fermented organic matter." It can be used as a soil amendment to increase the nutrient level and microbial diversity of the soil for planting.

All Seasons Bokashi is used as: Compost starter in home composting efforts, Compost starter in large-scale composting operations, Fermentation starter, Soil conditioner, Beneficial microbial inoculate.  All Seasons Bokashi is for use in organic production of recycled food waste. It also helps to cultivate the beneficial microorganisms as food decomposes, speeding the process of fermentation and ridding foul odors.  Use All Seasons Bokashi when composting kitchen/household wastes using the All Seasons Indoor Composter. In a kitchen compost bucket, sprinkle All Seasons Bokashi directly on top of kitchen food waste and close the lid. It is very important to cover the entire surface of food waste with All Seasons Bokashi. When added, All Seasons Bokashi will begin a fermentation process that will neutralize odors, increase the mineral content and prepare food waste to become high quality compost. Repeat the process, until the bucket is full. 1 gallon bag

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