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Acrylic Painting Class

Acrylic Painting Class
  • Acrylic Painting Class
  • Acrylic Painting Class


April 21st, 5:00 pm

We have a guest teacher for this class!  We will be learning painting with acrylic techniques while creating a beautiful picture of a garden scene on a 11/14 canvas. 

All needed supplies will be provided. 

A little info on our teacher:

Nan, also known as Cari, painted her first oil landscape at the age of nine with the guidance of her mom and Bob Ross, two of her artistic idols! Although she loved to paint she didn’t return to it in a serious way until the age of 30. Nan was working on an Exercise Science degree and needed to add another class. Remembering the joy painting once brought her she registered for Painting I, and was reintroduced to a past love that quickly became her other passion. She was so torn between her love of Physiology and Painting that she decided to double major in both, calling it the ‘DaVinci’ Degree.



Nan is a very curious artist who enjoys dabbling in all forms of art, including pinstriping, wood stained painting, carving, photography and so on.  Her favorite medium is oil, with which she often paints Realistic Landscapes.  In 2019 Nan was honored to have three of her landscapes published in a Civil Rights book titled “Dividing Colors”.  

Nan is most widely known for her lighthearted Acrylic painting classes and her SUP yoga classes.  Her students describe her as patient and encouraging, she will tell you “It’s easy to be patient and encouraging when you genuinely love what you’re doing.”


Nan is a proud wife of a Fire Fighter and a mother of two energetic boys, and two mischievous fur babies. She loves a good adventure, and is happiest when her feet are in the  water and her head in the clouds.

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